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AXXESS DATA mandaté pour une orthophoto par drone du Nouveau Grand Stade de LYON - Mai 2016

samedi 23 avril 2016, 09:13

Avant l'ouverture de l'Euro 2016, Grand Lyon Métropole mandate AXXESS DATA pour la prise d'une orthophoto de précision par drone du Grand Stade de LYON. La qualité des rendus et la précision du travail AXXESS DATA se reconnaît.

NOVADEM équipe la Gendarmerie Nationale Française 

vendredi 13 novembre 2015, 11:15

AXXESS DATA utilise le drone NOVADEM U130.
Son petit frère, le Drone NX 110 a été retenu pour équiper toute la Gendarmerie Nationale Française.

AXXESS DATA mise tout sur le professionnalisme, la précision et la sûreté des vols.
Le Gendarmerie nationale a choisi NOVADEM : les meilleurs drones du marché et les plus sûrs.

En mission, rien ne doit être laissé au hasard et de choisir AXXESS DATA vous assure de choisir
le meilleur drone du marché et surtout le plus sûr dans sa catégorie.

Drone - Journée Européennes du patrimoine - AXESS DATA

dimanche 13 septembre 2015, 08:53

De la perche au drone, le relevé archéologique au XXIe.
Les archéologues de la Ville expliqueront les méthodes de relevé utilisées lors d'opérations archéologiques et les technologies de demain. AXXESS DATA proposera...

Lire la suite ci-dessous

Press Drone LYON - MAG 2 LYON 2015 -.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 12:17.

Press article - AXXESS DATA - MAG 2 LYON - April 2015 - newsstand
Measurement of precision by drone - Photogrammetry

PLAN ROUTE DRONE - photogrammetric road Drone - MNT road Drone

Saturday, April 4, 2015, 12:28.

AXXESS DATA can measure roads by drone.
Providing photogrammetric of Highway and NCD by drone.
See the site on this subject.

The Drone, A Robot Artist Despite Him

Click to zoom the image
The drone, an Aerial Robot, will take a series of photos by the flight programming that we have defined. Of course, we use very good cameras and objectives. In addition, a rigorous analysis of the light is made and performed in the field manual adjustments before the start of each mission to get the best picture (required measurement technology mission and drone precision auscultation) based on location. These settings are changed each time the light moves significantly. Unlike a Photographer Artist that will soak up the atmosphere of the place and capture the best moment, the Drone will not wait, it turns into a spectator and takes the beauty of the present moment in a totally spontaneous . To us, then view what he has had the chance to see at 20m, 30m, 50m, 100m, 150m high. The Drone becomes a Spontaneous Artist Despite Him.

Ouvertue du site en avril 2015

Painting natural Lyon, painting ecological Lyon, painting without smell Lyon, Lyon not harmful paint

Sunday, February 15, 2015 08:22.

Painting natural Lyon, painting ecological Lyon, painting without smell Lyon, Lyon not harmful paint

A little push of AXXESS DATA to our friend Corinne MANOA who launched February 17, 2015 its brand of natural paints
in Lyon:
NATURAL SUBSTANCES. Good luck to her! Soon New York, London, Tokyo? This deserves.

All simply beautiful: paintings and magnificent coatings, beautiful store, beautiful home! That happiness...

Shop: 40 rue ramparts of Ainay - 2nd Lyon - to Quai du Rhône, level the University bridge

Plan of facades by drone in LYON - Grand LYON Habitat

December 15, 2014.

GRAND LYON HABITAT mandates AXXESS DATA to make the plans of facades of a building located at LYON Croix-Rousse group -.
Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse - Place of the Carthusians
The drone will make it possible to measure both high and hidden: roofs, balconies.
* Methodology: UAV Data-Mix *-Mix data between the 3D laser scanner and the drone.

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Below picture of the Group of buildings on LYON - FRANCE measured using two instruments:
Scanner Laser 3D and Drone for the upper parts of the buildings.
Problem __La on this site: _
Step back on certain areas, strong wind on the plateau, swirling wind between buildings, many schools and proximity to these same schools, many take-offs to predict but few take-off area.
Click to zoom the image

2015. new planned for UAV flight control system: LPS Local Positioning System by ground beacons

Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 06:01.

Advertised by NOVADEM for 2015 - 1st / 2nd quarter 2015
Drone under work control system: LPS Local Positioning System for drone

Press release of NOVADEM, 12/12/2014: .

NOVADEM unveils a new positioning technology for UAVs for automatic inspection of works off GPS coverage.

LPS de NOVADEM (Local Positioning System) technology will for the first time enable fully automated inspections of structures. Based on its own network of tags placed on the ground, the LPS technology reached a centimetric precision while being independent of the satellite coverage.

Aix-en-Provence, December 12, 2014-

NOVADEM, manufacturer of civil and military drones since 2006, is the french leader of the drone for the control of structures. The company counts among its clients of important actors in the field of inspection. "Some of our clients exploit the U130 drone over five years. In fact, we have accumulated a wide knowledge of the needs related to the use of the drone missions of inspection of complex structures", explains Pascal ZUNINO, Director of NOVADEM.

These needs include the precise positioning of the drone near structures, or even under books. Indeed, in these circumstances, the GPS used until then no longer allows to obtain measurement due to masking of the satellite constellation. Operators have other choices that to perform these inspections in manual making it difficult. In addition, the analytical work of the captured photos to find and position the defects of the work is long and tedious. To meet this need, NOVADEM has developed two years technology called LPS.

LPS de NOVADEM technology is close to the GPS principle but instead of using satellites, it uses tags placed on the ground creating a network of local positioning under the book. This network can be easily extended by the addition of tag, which cover each a 200 meters RADIUS sphere.

A completely independent solution coverage satellite capabilities until then unattainable is thus obtained in such conditions:

A positioning accuracy of 10 cm in three dimensions.
A rapid acquisition with 25 measurements per second.
Measurement quality and a constant availability of the signal.
A measure of independent position in the area of evolution (brightness, type of surface,...).
Origin of the controlled measurement guide.

These performances give new perspectives to the inspections carried out by drones with flights that can be totally automated even under the works. It is now possible to ensure repeatability of inspection time. The safety and effectiveness of the missions are considerably increased compared to manual steering. There is also a more accurate geo-referencing of the photos to optimize the passages on the surfaces to be inspected and streamlining the amount of captured data: the outbreak of the photos being automatic, it captures only necessary to simplify the processing.

With the LPS technology, NOVADEM marks a break in the world of inspection by allowing the automation of flights and geo-referencing of surveys in environments without GPS coverage. Complex inspections will now be reserved for experts from the cockpit, but accessible to all. The LPS technology may well satisfy specific identified in interior missions (buildings, tunnels,...) and outdoor for flaw detection tests complex structures (wind turbines, towers HT,...).

LPS technology will be tested soon and marketed in the course of the year 2015.

LPS technology __Origine: _

In 2012, NOVADEM led with AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE research for the DGA1 called DECSA2. This project was already to develop solutions of navigation without GPS for drones in urban environments. In order to measure the performance of navigation technology derived from space (ASTRIUM TOULOUSE team) reference path should be known to compare with the results of the algorithms implemented.

In open area, the RTK3 GPS with centimetric precision was used but to approach structures, degradation of the GPS signal no longer enabled to obtain accurate measurement: an alternative should be used for these situations. This is that, for the first time, a principle of distance measurement through tags placed on the ground has been used.

Very quickly, the idea of reuse this technology for civilian inspection of work missions, there where the satellite coverage is not sufficient, was conceived. From these promising results, a compact solution has been developed, running in real time in order to use it for automatic navigation of the drones: it was the birth of the LPS technology.

1 DGA: Direction Générale de l'Armement
2 DECSA: Project upstream on the evaluation and testing of algorithmic navigation solution
3 RTK: Real Time Kinematic

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Universities in development of African surveyors of Western - DAKAR - SENEGAL - 17-19 nov. 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 13:47.

Link to the video (to view and download) tracing different activities of universities for development on 17, 18 and 19 November 2014 at the King Fahd Dakar Palace Hotel.

Link below:

Training topography - AXXESS DATA and its formations in topography- 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014, 19:51.

Training in topography.
New website online trainings in topography provided by AXXESS DATA.
Topography AXXESS training DATA

Photos building LYON by drone Croix Rousse 

Click to zoom the image
Tuesday, January 13, 2015 08:49.

As part of measure by Photogrammetry of a building in GRAND LYON HABITAT, some photos taken by drone of the CLOS JOUVE building.

picture building drone, drone image building, building drone picture, building drone image, drone building photo
Click to zoom the image
Click to zoom the image

RENT DRONE - Rental drone with driver - France

Saturday, January 31, 2015 08:37.

AXXESS DATA vocation is to offer the best possible accuracy in measurement and control instruments: gps, precision total station, station robotic, scanner laser 3D and drone. AXXESS DATA can accompany architects and surveyors to carry out their mission as a whole, including with the help of a drone.

On the other hand, AXESS DATA can completely stop at simple * rental of the drone * with driver without interfering in the methodology.
It is new. There's a website for that.

Rental drone rental * for Scenarios S1, S2 and * Scenario S3: flight in built-up areas. *

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