Data acquisition of high precision by drone, robot and treatment Axxess Data France
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DRONE modeling 3D - 3D modelling of building, monument, route the Drone, works of art

AXXESS DATA - A team of experts in 3D modeling

AXXESS DATA is not only the mastery of technique drone mais of the 3D. process

To perform digital models 3D of exception, everything must be at the Top.
The acquisitions of data by 3d Laser Scanner, acquisitions of data precision drone and calibrated sensors, control software, the development of proprietary AXXESS DATA, rendering, texturing solutions...

AXXESS DATA has full control all the steps to a digital model of precision internally.

For your projects, digital mockups, BIM, modelling, Exigez the best. AXXESS DATA you the apportera.

Drone - 3D modeling of road

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Example of 3D modeling of road.
Modeling on a stretch of road.
This modelling shows the realism of the place. Beware, this is not only a simple 3D without measures. We have the MNT, the photogrammetric. The standard deviation is 2cm.

Of course, do a 3D no concept of measuring modeling is much simpler to achieve. The ideal being to have both: precision measurements and 3D model.

See the page of the of AXXESS DATA site
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