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Careers: With a drone - safety first

Anecdote: we go in a career for a contact socket. "Ah you fall well" says the surveyor, "one of my colleagues fell yesterday to a pile of stones and is hurt. We would have had a drone to do the job, our colleague would still be at work. " And Yes, the first thing that brings the drone is the security teams.
It is even forbidden to mount at the top of the pile of stones for obvious reasons of danger. It may very well use a drone only to the most dangerous parts of career.
drone carriere drone graviere drone mine

Stocks of career by drone

  • The drone allows a State of stock. It may be reassuring for shareholders of companies traded and operator of careers, to know that stocks are measured very precisely by a drone. In addition, this allows these same shareholders to see that society knows anticipate what will become a standard in the measurement of career, namely the extent of career by an unmanned aircraft.
  • The plan of situation by drone: the location map is an administrative annual obligation. It can be done using the drone.

The drone in the quarries - State 3D of stocks

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  • The drone in acquisition of data in the quarries: * measure of the status of the stocks. **

* Benefits:
Security - No endangering of personnel (often dangerous zones for people)
Ease of access - it is difficult (and sometimes very long) access to these areas, the drone does easily.
Time - Rapid acquisition of data required for analysis, where one
Better management - the State of the stocks can be frozen quickly.
Precision - The drone will bring precision on the status of the stocks.
Flexibility - appealing to a drone is fast and without major constraint.
Recurrence - The rapidity of acquisition may allow smoother and more accurate monitoring stocks for career optimization.
Cost - The speed of acquisition and processing 3D performance will be less expensive than traditional methods.

The drone in the careers - optimal security

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  • The drone in acquisition of data in the quarries: * safe *.
The drone can get closer very close to the frogs, whatever the height: a doubt may be lifted in a few moments.
It is sometimes difficult in certain careers, for situations, acquire data because they present on a few locations in areas at high risk, the drone made it safely.
The drone to maintain the physical integrity of a career staff.
It gives an indication specific and fast, safely, on the result of triggering an explosion.

The drone in the careers - optimal management

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  • The drone in acquisition of data in the quarries: * optimum management *.
The drone will enable to acquire data for 3D modelling. The stock count will be accurate.
The rapid acquisition of data will allow to regularly renew the operation of stock status.
Modeling career will allow optimization of its operation.
Global views in high definition made by the drone will facilitate the integration of the career in its environment.

The drone for alluvial career and drone for massive rock career

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These two types of career have nothing to do.
These are two totally different worlds and missions should be envisaged in a totally different way.

A mission to massive rock fronts of very high size and with an often complicated environment will present more risks for the operator than an alluvial career.
In some areas, there may be strong sometimes swirling winds or changing direction frequently. Near walls, wind can also be a problem with also the fact that acquiring GPS of the drone can really be a problem with disturbed acquisitions or even not acquisition at all, besides in a steep area the drone can accept not necessarily accurate GPS positions with the consequences that we can imagine.

Therefore a drone in a career mission presents in all cases and deserves a vigilance of every moment with strict security rules, including vis à vis people working on site: well to prevent the gear drivers, choosing its take-off areas, etc. And make of the measures by drone in a career is not so simple as that and demand a certain level of achievement in measurement systems, particularly in photogrammetry and professionalism.

AXXESS DATA is aware of all its constraints measurement by UAV career and made sure everything is well managed before and during the mission.

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Measurable heap by drone - model 3D modeling

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Calculations of volume - Photogrammetry method - career

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View 3D Assembly career

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3D retail career view

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