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Control of Silo - Silo Auscultation

Scanner Laser 3d and Drone for industrial site - control industrial site--measuring 2d, 3d plane plane 

Model in 3d industrial site is a more common request.

AXXESS DATA acts on industrial site with a scanner laser 3D and complemented by measurement by UAV when necessary.

The drone becomes an indispensable tool to:

Measurement of high parts and the tops of silos,
Measurement of complicated industrial sites where a single view of the bottom by 3d laser scanner is insufficient,

In these cases, AXXESS DATA uses his method of MIX MEASURING tm with an Assembly of the measures taken by scanner laser 3D and measures taken by drone.

The payer must specify what type of data it expects in order to adapt our offer: precision? Scatter? plans 3D? drawing 2D from data?...

We assess with the originator his true need to define good precision.

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